Repay bad with good? Āhea e mātou utua te kino ki te kino? When do we say enough is enough and repay bad with bad?–police-investigate?cid=app-iPhone

Kia kaha e ngā iwi taketake, all native peoples stand strong!

There is nothing more beautiful than our wāhine wearing their moko kauae, kia maia e ngā wāhine toa.

As we can see from the worldwide protests, many of non-colour also stand with us, it is so awesome to see unification against the oppressor and the oppressors thoughts. The oppressor embodies the true meaning of ‘uneducated’, ‘weak’ and therefore ‘threatened’. Sitting on the fence doesn’t cut it, if you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem, RISE UP, speak up.