My skill-set enables me to bring out the best in people. Through self-discovery and self-belief, together we will get to the core of who you are and what your purpose in life is.

“Me he kākahi motu i te māhanga, ka noho herekore”

(like an orca escaped from captivity, progress through freedom)


“to aid in the development of determined individuals whilst supporting in them in making informed, calculated and strategical decisions.”


“to increase strength through foundation, implementation and adherence, connection through information, realisation and sharing, and unity through, collaboration, enthusiasm and enjoyment.”


“Like the Kākahi (orca), on occasion, you simply hunt alone.”

I teach strength through foundation.


“Like the Kākahi (orca), you nurture and bond with your loved ones.”

I teach connection through information.



“Like the Kākahi (orca), team work can mean survival.”

I teach unity through collaboration.

what I do

I call on my Māori language and culture, personal experience and beliefs to help individuals, family members, sports teams and organisations build strength through foundation, implementation and adherence, enhance connection through information, realisation and sharing and promote unity through collaboration, enthusiasm and enjoyment by helping to…

*create your own attractive story to engage with others *define true purpose *outline and detail personal or organisational structure and functionality *create and understand the difference between mission and vision and how these influence internal decisions *establish cultural and constitutional values *boost morale and desire *adopt a complimentary leadership style *develop business and strategic plans and or financial presentations (using a specific holistic goal setting approach, S.W.A.T analysis, defining recommended suppliers and rebate margins coupled with site selection, detailed financial forecasting, personnel recruitment systemisation including evaluation and recognition programs, advertising and marketing evaluation and feedback, growth game plan, full operational templating, performance management and measurement applications, policies, procedures, processes and protocols design and implementation blueprints), *promote wellness in its entirety, from movement to natural world exposure and experience, mindest and relationships to nutrition and resilience *advise on legalities and health and safety mechanisims *systemise your sales and retention programs including, monthly launches and recaps, weekly progress sessions, trend analysis, understanding the difference between budgets and targets and how to set them, lead generation, handling new contacts, setting appointments, delivering presentations, closing sales, attaining referrals, objection handling, Minimum Performance Criteria (MPC), sales funneling and impactful communication and body language with potential and current customers *dissect balance sheets and profit and loss statements for transparency and more…





Te Whetū Wae Rima Whakaaro - The Five Cornerstones of Wellness

I truly believe that in order for an individual to find true wellness they must aspire to attain the highest possible quality in these five subjects within their life.

Te Whetū Wae Rima basically translates to ‘The Five Limbed Star’, the star symbolises ones ancestors who now guide from above, it also encourgaes one to continue to aim high in all personal pursuits.

Whetū are always a sign of hope and aspiration and a reminder to live with the vigour and determination of our forefathers.

With whetū being visible from all corners of the world, it brings comfort in knowing we are not alone but also serves as a reminder to carry out your life with resilience, dignity and honour and in doing so, setting a positive example for those chiefs of tomorrow whilst not letting down those chiefs of yesteryear.

Its five equal sides symbolise the five cornerstones of wellness.

Should one of the five conerstones be lacking or weakened, an individual, or a collective may become ‘unbalanced’ or unwell.

The Five Cornerstones of Wellness Explained

* Aronga (purpose). Purpose, supported by mission and vision is critical for allowing one to understand the beauty in their uniqueness, their reason for being and life objectives. Constructive thinking and action provoking emotions are integral in how we view ourselves and our journey in this world and beyond.

* Taioranga (nutrition). What we consume and when we consume it are both imperative aspects to long and healthy lives. The consumation of nutritonally dense food, quality water and life-giving exposure to the right light can determine how well we perform in this journey called life.

* Pākahukahu (vigour). Movement, its varying intensities and caloric expenditure is just as important as both sleep quality, sleep stages and rest and recovery via exposure to both cold and hot temperatures to maintain consistency in mindset, physicality and wairua or spirituality.

* Hononga (relationships). Whānau (family), friends and workmate relationships should be just as important as spiritual connections we hold with a higher being, tīpuna (ancestors) and connections we have and experience with Papatūānuku or mother earth. 

* Kukuwhatanga (personal evolution). Continual personal development, learning, experiences and knowledge attainment in fields aligned with your purpose is essential for growth and personal evolution. The desire to then pass those teachings on should be just as strong as the initial desire for attainment. I believe that applied knowledge is power. 


Strength is a 2 day course focussing on foundation, implementation and adherence.

Strength is all about honouring personal abilities, deciding what it is you truly want from life, putting mechanisms in place to create habitual change whilst stamping out habits that do not serve you positively, and simply following through.

I use my 10 Pou (Pillars) to Peak Performance to help you build a solid foundation from which your aspirations can develop.

“He iti, he iti kahikātoa” (though little, it is still a mānuka tree – noted for its strength and toughness)

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Connection is a 2 day course focussing on information, realisation and sharing.

Connection is all about new perspectives, the distribution of new information accompanied with the acquisition of new knowledge through two different lenses, Maōri and Pākehā.

I teach some basics in Te Reo Māori and how to use them in everyday life, you will revisit historical recounts and narratives to reach understanding via realisation whilst dissecting whakataukī and proverbs, and share thoughts and ideas on how we can use these to help our personal life and objectives, and the wider community as a whole.

As a whānau (family), we confront internal thoughts, thought processes and behaviours which enable us to emerge more confident and humble through awareness and understanding. 

“Tohea, tohea, ko te tohe i te kai” (keep on striving, as one strives for food)

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Unity is a 2 day course focussing on collaboration, enthusiasm, and enjoyment.

Unity encompasses movement and primal extincts whilst developing coping strategies to ensure peak performance under differing levels of intensity.

You will learn and utilise learned bushcraft knowledge and personal nous to navigate your way through a sequence of challenges which promotes self-determination and team work.

This experience can be truly unifying on both a personal and collective level with all teachings taken from your Strength and Connection forums taken with you. You will not be able to avoid calling on these teachings to help get you through.

All fitness levels can be accommodated with the journey itself designed to inspire you to develop the new you, VERSION 2.0.

“Tūngia te ururua kia tupu whakaritorito te tupu o te harakeke” (Set the overgrown bush alight, and the new flax shoots will spring up)

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10 Pou (Pillars) to Peak Performance

My 10 Pou (Pillars) to Peak Performance strategy encourages self reflection of times past, current and honesty with what it is you need to do right now, this day, in order to fulfill your personal purpose.

These 10 Pou consist of ten differing topics in personal evolution, and are a crucial element to the foundational strength component at your journeys outset. 

“Iti rearea, teitei kahikatea, ka taea” (though small, the bellbird still sits on top of the great kahikatea tree)

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Female Self-defense

I am passionate about improving the ability of mans’ most treasured possession – our women and girls, in protecting themselves from others and harm.

Afterall, tō te wahine te whare tangata, it is our women who hold the womb and therefore our future generations – our children.

This is something I really enjoy and hold close to my heart being a father of daughters and each seminar will be tailored to suit the participants and or audience.

If you’d like to know more just ask.

“He mate i te marama” (The moon dies. A moon-like death. – Though the moon dies, it comes to life again, but you cannot return, so do not expose yourself to danger.)

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“I would be honoured to share the learnings from my losses and the wisdom from my wins with you.”

Te Karakia a Raha - Raha's Prayer

“Ka oho te wairua, ka mataara te tinana, he aroha ki te aroha, ka kā te rama.” (When the spirit is awakened, when the body is alert, when love is unconditional, enlightenment follows)

Kāi Tahu Rūnaka - Kāi Tahu Tribal Council

“Aoraki te waka atua, Uruao te waka tipua, Kurahaupō te waka takata o taku rahi. Whatoka ki te ihu, Ruatea ki te riu, Popoto taku tipuna ki te uruki e!”

(Aoraki is the godly canoe, Uruao the supernatural canoe, Kurahaupō the canoe of our people and importance. Whatoka at the bow, Ruatea at the hull, my ancestor Popoto navigates!)

purpose: a person’s sense of resolve or determination