My skill-set enables me to bring out the best in people. Through self-discovery and self-belief, together we will get to the core of who you are and what your purpose in life is.

“Me he kākahi motu i te māhanga, ka noho herekore”

(like an orca escaped from captivity, progress through freedom)


“to aid in the development of determined individuals whilst supporting in them in making informed, calculated and strategical decisions.”


“to increase strength through foundation, implementation and adherence, connection through information, realisation and sharing, and unity through, collaboration, enthusiasm and enjoyment.”


“Like the Kākahi (orca), on occasion, you simply hunt alone.”

I guide individuals via 1 on 1 mentoring ensuring strength through solid foundations.


“Like the Kākahi (orca), you nurture and bond with your loved ones.”

I take family members on adventures enhancing connection through positive experience and memories .



“Like the Kākahi (orca), team work can mean survival.”

I take teams and teach the importance of unity through clarity, specificity and collective ownership.

what I do

I call on my Māori language and culture, personal experience and beliefs to help individuals, family members, sports teams and organisations build strength through foundation, implementation and adherence, enhance connection through information, realisation and sharing and promote unity through collaboration, enthusiasm and enjoyment by helping to…

*create your own attractive story to engage with others *define true purpose *outline and detail personal or organisational structure and functionality *create and understand the difference between mission and vision and how these influence internal decisions *establish cultural and constitutional values *boost morale and desire *adopt a complimentary leadership style *develop business and strategic plans and or financial presentations (using a specific holistic goal setting approach, S.W.A.T analysis, defining recommended suppliers and rebate margins coupled with site selection, detailed financial forecasting, personnel recruitment systemisation including evaluation and recognition programs, advertising and marketing evaluation and feedback, growth game plan, full operational templating, performance management and measurement applications, policies, procedures, processes and protocols design and implementation blueprints), *promote wellness in its entirety, from movement to natural world exposure and experience, mindest and relationships to nutrition and resilience *advise on legalities and health and safety mechanisims *systemise your sales and retention programs including, monthly launches and recaps, weekly progress sessions, trend analysis, understanding the difference between budgets and targets and how to set them, lead generation, handling new contacts, setting appointments, delivering presentations, closing sales, attaining referrals, objection handling, Minimum Performance Criteria (MPC), sales funneling and impactful communication and body language with potential and current customers *dissect balance sheets and profit and loss statements for transparency and more…


Rites of Passage = Connection + Unity

The honouring of significant tribal milestones is almost forgotten.

Milestones such as:

Conception, pregnancy, birth, first steps, the first day at Kōhanga Reo or kindergarten, Kura Kaupapa or primary school (historically wānanga), your child’s voice breaking, a daughters first menstrual cycle, your childs first hunt, your childs first animal kill (tribal sustenance), engagement, marriage and finally death were always celebrated parts of tribal culture.

Recently, academic and sporting achievement such as graduations and contractual procurement have been included. However, we must not forget those milestones that truly make up the circle of life.

Celebrate the entire journey!

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Eco Escapes = Strength + Connection

It is essential for spiritual replenishment that we take time for ourselves and our loved ones every now and then. Time away from technology and modern world demands.

Our Eco Escape locations allow you to get back to basics through mental clarity in a natural setting, away from everyday distractions.

It is more important now than ever to ensure we have time for personal reflection and assessment of our current situation and where we are at based on intentions and objectives set.

Your accommodation is relaxing and cosy and you have the ability to tack on your choice of escape extras, from Rites of Passage, to hunting and gathering to chopper flights and bush walks, whilst attaining new knowledge along the way.

The freedom of choice is yours!

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Warrant of Fitness = Strength + Unity

For teams and individuals.

I have tried and tested many facets of wellness.

From fitness techniques, to individual programming, from intermittent fasting to bio-hacking, the health benefits of light exposure and the five Blue Zones in the world where the longest living people reside, I have studied and lived this industry my entire life.

I can help you make small or large adjustments to your lifestyle in order to make positive and long-lasting habitual change that will impact you and those around you.

Your background matters not, your attitude is all that counts, whether you’re a professional athlete, a stay at home Mum or a corporate banker, I can help.

Enjoy a life full of vitality!

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Mentoring = Strength + Connection + Unity

Whether you’re a lone wolf or part of the pack, steel sharpens steel and life and business have never been so competitive.

With sales; from lead gen. to new contacts, appointments to presentations, closing to referrals and all that’s between; I will teach you to love your figures and stay on track.

A strong foundation is built on defining your purpose, vision and mission, specific goal setting, structure with functionality, templating with policies and procedures and solid recruitment systems.

Connection comes via leadership styles, support mechanisms and collective ownership.

Unity is abiding by internal cultural values and never letting each other down.

Culture is key!

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The Four Cornerstones of Wellness Philosophy

I am a believer in this philosophy developed by Sir Mason Harold Durie in 1984 and many parts of my teachings will relate to this.

The Māori wharenui (meeting house) promotes unity and exudes wairua (spirit) that strengthens ones resolve.

Its strong foundations and four equal sides symbolise the four dimensions of wellness.

Should one of the four dimensions be lacking or impaired, a person, or a collective may become ‘unbalanced’ or unwell.

The Four Cornerstones of Wellness Explained

* Tinana (physical). Physical health is required to support our essence and shelter us from the external environment.

* Wairua (spirit). We are 96% energy and 4% matter. Spiritual health relates to unseen and unspoken energies and this life force determines who we are and where we are from.

* Whānau (social systems or family). Positive connection, caring and sharing with others creates stability and ancestral ties provide belonging.

* Hinengaro (mind). Constructive thoughts, provoking feelings and emotions are integral components to how we see ourselves in this universe.

“I would be honoured to utilise my skill-set in sharing the learnings from my losses and the wisdom from my wins with you.”

Te Karakia a Raha - Raha's Prayer

“Ka oho te wairua, ka mataara te tinana, he aroha ki te aroha, ka kā te rama.” (When the spirit is awakened, when the body is alert, when love is unconditional, enlightenment follows)

Kāi Tahu Rūnaka - Kāi Tahu Tribal Council

“Aoraki te waka atua, Uruao te waka tipua, Kurahaupō te waka takata o taku rahi. Whatoka ki te ihu, Ruatea ki te riu, Popoto taku tipuna ki te uruki e!”

(Aoraki is the godly canoe, Uruao the supernatural canoe, Kurahaupō the canoe of our people and importance. Whatoka at the bow, Ruatea at the hull, my ancestor Popoto navigates!)

purpose: a person’s sense of resolve or determination