What a day this has been, my brother Rickie Gibson is holding his annual RG Fitness Challenge in Brisbane and has us all doing something every hour on the hour for 12 or 24hrs. So not to ruin myself for pig hunting tomorrow I started with a 1km run (AFAP) at 6am this morning, my Achilles and hip flexors started playing up so I switched to a high intensity 5min MMA round on the bag at 1pm, my girls joined me on 3 of the km’s, it’s now 4.30pm and I have 2 rounds to go!!

My 9yr old nephew Tahi is rowing 3km every hour with his Māmā Chrissy and my little bro is running 3km every hour for 24hrs (72 in total), he’s a lunatic! Looks like my niece Kauri and other nephews Awa-Koha and Kōtuku are enjoying running the whare this weekend! 😂