The amount of monetary investment is minimal in comparison to living the life you want to live and creating a world you want your kids to grow up in…

Investment Options

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what I do

I call on my Māori language and culture, personal experience and beliefs to help individuals, family members, sports teams and organisations build strength through foundation, implementation and adherence, enhance connection through information, realisation and sharing and promote unity through collaboration, enthusiasm and enjoyment by helping to…

*create your own attractive story to engage with others *define true purpose *outline and detail personal or organisational structure and functionality *create and understand the difference between mission and vision and how these influence internal decisions *establish cultural and constitutional values *boost morale and desire *adopt a complimentary leadership style *develop business and strategic plans and or financial presentations (using a specific holistic goal setting approach, S.W.A.T analysis, defining recommended suppliers and rebate margins coupled with site selection, detailed financial forecasting, personnel recruitment systemisation including evaluation and recognition programs, advertising and marketing evaluation and feedback, growth game plan, full operational templating, performance management and measurement applications, policies, procedures, processes and protocols design and implementation blueprints), *promote wellness in its entirety, from movement to natural world exposure and experience, mindest and relationships to nutrition and resilience *advise on legalities and health and safety mechanisims *systemise your sales and retention programs including, monthly launches and recaps, weekly progress sessions, trend analysis, understanding the difference between budgets and targets and how to set them, lead generation, handling new contacts, setting appointments, delivering presentations, closing sales, attaining referrals, objection handling, Minimum Performance Criteria (MPC), sales funneling and impactful communication and body language with potential and current customers *dissect balance sheets and profit and loss statements for transparency and more…

some of The Basics


What have I been put on this earth to achieve?

Get Clear & Be Specific

What is it I really want to achieve & whom that I love will benefit from it?


What figures do I need to measure and how will I measure them?


What problem does my product solve & who are my customers?


Do I need external investment & what will investors want to see?

Exit Plan

In order to exit a success, what must my business look like and by when?


Does the business stack up, what is my ROI & what do expenses look like?

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