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What stage does my business have to be at in order for me to come to you for help?

Whether you are in the initial planning phase or three years trading, I believe I can add clarity, direction and value to your business and life.

What if I only have an idea and I don't know what my goals or business plan are yet?

Together we will set your solid foundation from which to launch. After our initial planning you may find your idea takes a totally different pathway with far more focus and direction.

What are the top three attributes I need to be successful?

Courage, to simply have a go and ditch anything or anyone holding you back. Integrity to never forsake others or the environment along the way, and accountability to ensure you stay on track with time management, structure and key objectives at all times.


What is the first step in becoming a success?

Routine is key, waking up and drinking a glass of water, then heading outside of your four walls to exercise each morning is imperative to running a successful house, business, family and life.

What do I bring to our first meeting?

Positive energy, a pen, paper, a laptop and a calculator, and a mindset ready to make changes if required. it really is that simple!

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