We ran out of organic goat meat about 4/5 days ago and although our dogs eat the highest quality biscuits as well, they were missing their meat. A diverse and nutritional diet always allows for best performance for both man and dog, and when you rely on your kurī to feed your community, they are treated like professional athletes when it comes to training, discipline, diet, warm shelter, quality water and team mates they don’t like to let down. And so it was that I spent another great day in the bush tracking down some goats for our dogs, I had 5 yearling Red Deer run across the track in front of me and simply enjoyed the wairua. I also managed to trap a few rats and clock up over 31,000 steps today on my Ōura ring equating to almost 46km, so those were an added bonus!

It was, however, nice to get home to my girls tonight… ♥️