We met at the front gate at 7.55am, I only had time to get my two main dogs Rocky and Taa’s rip collars/vests on before they took their daughter, 6 month old Niwha with them on her first pig hunt, by bolting from my truck without any GPS collars on!!!! By the time Steelo arrived at approx 8.05am the dogs were nowhere to be seen!! I was lucky to have two of tomorrows young Māori leaders with me in Tamahou Thoms on his first pig hunt and Alex Solomon also, who was hunting with me for the second time. Both boys had chosen some pig hunting for a break from their Masters Degrees and I enjoyed our interactions in Te Reo Māori during their stay. In short, we caught a nice fat sow, and got all 3 dogs back by 12.20pm including my pup Niwha who was found by a mate of mine sitting next to my truck after being at the bail with her parents and after all the action subsequently made her way down river about a kilometre by herself and curled up next to my truck soaking wet, I was stoked! In future, it may be wise to chuck the collars on before we leave home… 👍🏽