I help individuals

Whether you’re an entrepreneur with little or loads of experience, an athlete looking for a mental or athletic edge, or simply someone wanting to learn and improve.

Your background makes no difference, your mindset does.

I help whānau

Quality connection with loved ones are one of the foundations for living a long healthy life.

You may be focussed on improving a relationship, constructing a family vision or pathway, or wanting to celebrate a family milestone or rite of passage with your child, whatever the need , let’s create some action.

I help teams

It may be pre-season training, team bonding or strategic planning time for the year ahead. You feel your customer service is on point but you’re still not getting the sales.

In any system, if key minds have varying objectives, failure is somewhat imminent.

Clarity and specificity on intentions, combined with unified pursuit are essential for growth.


I prefer to let my results do the talking but hopefully this blurb justifies how I can help you!

Health and fitness has been my life for over 21 years. I’m a serial entrepreneur and an ideas man with a serious reptuation for following through and actioning words spoken.

I am passionate about helping and supporting others – Māori Style!

Meaning; no matter what, I believe that – personal vigour, relationships, definitive purpose, personal evolution and nutrition are at the core of what makes you successful, money is simply a byproduct from having these things on point.

I’m a very proud Pāpā, some say a Māori Viking (it’s a whakapapa thing), a high achiever and just one part of a home filled with the beauty of Te Reo Māori.

Home with my whānau is where I love to be, with a great weekend consisting of whānau, pig hunting and watching a Warriors game next to a warm fire, a weekend in the city just ain’t for me!

Social media enables considerable influence, but it’s not a place I enjoy spending my time, keeping things real and being present offline is where it’s at for me.

I love catching the worm with the pīpīwharauroa and sitting under the stars with the ruru.

I believe “victory is reserved for those who are willing to pay its price.”

All prices are different however, like all empires are, and as long as we positivley impact on nature and others it’s gotta be worth doing.

I look forward to lending a hand where I can.

Nāhaku iti nei, Korey G.

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