Strength - Connection - Unity


Strength through foundation, implementation and adherence.


Connection through information, realisation and sharing.


Unity through, collaboration, enthusiasm and enjoyment.




It’s all about you and so it should be!

Whether you’re an entrepreneur with little or loads of experience, an athlete looking for a mental or athletic edge or simply someone wanting to learn and improve through personal evolution.

Your background makes no difference, it’s your mindset that does.

Family Members

You may be focussed on growing as a couple, escaping from reality or wanting to celebrate a family milestone or rite of passage with your child, simply let me know what you need and I’ll make it happen.

Quality relationships with loved ones are one of the foundations for living a long healthy life and I look forward to sharing a small part of that with you and yours.

Sports Teams & Organisations

It may be pre-season training, team bonding or strategic planning for the year ahead. You may be lacking in the sales department but your on-field performances have been second to none.

In any relationship, if those involved have varying objectives, failure is somewhat imminent. No matter what team you’re in,  clarity and specificity on intentions, combined with unified pursuit are essential for growth.

what I do

I call on my Māori language and culture, personal experience and beliefs to help individuals, family members, sports teams and organisations build strength through foundation, implementation and adherence, enhance connection through information, realisation and sharing and promote unity through collaboration, enthusiasm and enjoyment by helping to…

*create your own attractive story to engage with others *define true purpose *outline and detail personal or organisational structure and functionality *create and understand the difference between mission and vision and how these influence internal decisions *establish cultural and constitutional values *boost morale and desire *adopt a complimentary leadership style *develop business and strategic plans and or financial presentations (using a specific holistic goal setting approach, S.W.A.T analysis, defining recommended suppliers and rebate margins coupled with site selection, detailed financial forecasting, personnel recruitment systemisation including evaluation and recognition programs, advertising and marketing evaluation and feedback, growth game plan, full operational templating, performance management and measurement applications, policies, procedures, processes and protocols design and implementation blueprints), *promote wellness in its entirety, from movement to natural world exposure and experience, mindest and relationships to nutrition and resilience *advise on legalities and health and safety mechanisims *systemise your sales and retention programs including, monthly launches and recaps, weekly progress sessions, trend analysis, understanding the difference between budgets and targets and how to set them, lead generation, handling new contacts, setting appointments, delivering presentations, closing sales, attaining referrals, objection handling, Minimum Performance Criteria (MPC), sales funneling and impactful communication and body language with potential and current customers *dissect balance sheets and profit and loss statements for transparency and more…

About Me

I prefer to let my results do the talking but hopefully this blurb justifies how I can help you!

Health and fitness has been my life for over 20 years. I’m an ideas man and serial entrepreneur with a passion for helping others – Māori Style!
Meaning; no matter the cost – health, relationships, environment, spirituality and culture come before money – keep these in check and success will follow.

I’m a very proud Pāpā, some say a Māori Viking (it’s a whakapapa thing), a high achiever and just one part of a home filled with the beauty of Te Reo Māori, day and night.

Home with my whānau in Mangāmāunu is where I love to be, with a great weekend consisting of whānau, pig hunting and chopping firewood, a weekend in the city just ain’t for me!

My blog and a bit of Snapchat is about the extent of my social media world,  I love catching the worm with the early bird and sitting under the stars with the night owl – balance is great yes, but if you love what you do, keep going and enjoy the ride.

I believe “victory is reserved for those who are willing to pay its price.”

All prices are different however, like all empires are, and as long as we positivley impact on nature and others it’s gotta be worth doing.

I look forward to lending a hand where I can.

Nāhaku iti nei, Korey G.

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